Nature Center Snapchat Story

I decided to start playing around with snapchat again. I want to do more when I am out taking photos or hiking. This was an attempt at a snapchat story that I did while hiking at the Nature Center.
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DSLR vs. Mirrorless vs. Micro 4/3 Cameras

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In this article, we are going to briefly go over DSLR vs. Mirrorless vs. Micro Four Thirds Cameras. We will go over some the differences with each of them. Here are some links to some cameras of each type DSLRMirrorlessMicro four thirds.

DSLR Cameras

A common DSLR is different than the Mirrorless and Micro four thirds cameras due to it having a mirror inside (See image below). The reason DSLR's have mirrors is to reflect what the lens is seeing up to the viewfinder that you are looking through. When you take a picture the mirror flips up and exposes the sensor that catches the image. One of the issues with a mirror is that it can cause camera shake from the mirror flipping up that could possibly make the picture blurry (see video at the end of the post to see the mirror slap). I own two DLSR's the Nikon D800 and Nikon D5200. Both are great cameras and the D800 is my workhorse.


Nikon D800 Mirror



  1. If you get a Nikon or Canon interchangeable lens kit you have access to tons of lenses to choose from
  2. Battery life is much better than in Mirrorless cameras (as of right now)


  1. Heavy. The weight of a DSLR compared to Mirrorless or Micro Four Thirds is noticeable
  2. The lenses can also add to the weight of the camera
  3. Camera shake due to mirror "slap"
  4. Noisy from the mirror slap

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are just that, mirrorless. Unlike the DSLR they do not have a mirror inside the camera which eliminates the mirror slap and makes the camera much quieter. The only issue with no mirror is that it has nothing to reflect what your lens sees to your eye. This is why you see most mirrorless cameras without the viewfinder. You can find some with the viewfinder though they usually cost more. The upside is that it seems that people want viewfinders on mirrorless cameras so companies are putting out more with viewfinders like the Sony A6300.

The downside with the viewfinders is it is digital. They are awesome and I love them but they do eat batteries. Though the ones without the viewfinders also do that since you have to use the screen on the back to see what you are taking a picture of.

Another issue is if you get a mirrorless camera that has interchangeable lenses there are not many options at the moment compared to DSLR cameras. I own the Sony A7R with only one lens at the moment the 50mm f/1.8 FE. I hope to get some more lenses later and be able to make this one of my main cameras.

Sony A7R Sensor


  1. Lightweight
  2. Smaller than a DSLR
  3. No mirror slap
  4. Quieter


  1. Battery life
  2. Fewer lenses available
  3. Slower start up time

Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Micro Four Thirds are cameras with a really small sensor. The image sizes are smaller than a DSLR or Mirrorless camera but still come out looking great. Some of the best (IMO) companies making Micro Four Thirds are FujiFilm and Olympus. I personally own an Olympus Pen E-P1 and love it. I do not use it as much as I use to, though, but I always have it on standby. Most Micro Four Thirds cameras are smaller than both the DSLR and Mirrorless which make it nice for travel of family gatherings. Some of the Fuji cameras also have a retro style like the Fujifilm X-T10 giving it an old film camera look.

The battery life is usually pretty decent at least it is on my Olympus Pen E-P1. Also, it has interchangeable lenses, though not a ton of options, but still not bad.


Olympus Pen E-P1 Sensor



  1. Small size
  2. Interchangeable lenses
  3. Classic looks on some models


  1. Small sensor size means smaller picture files
  2. Small selection of lenses
  3. Start up time

This is a quick video I made showing a DSLRMirrorless, and Micro Four Thirds shutters in action.

If I missed anything that you think I should have added please leave a comment and let me know!

Photography Phone Apps


Whether you are looking to replace your normal camera app, or maybe an app to edit your images before uploading them to Instagram. This weeks post will be about different photography phone apps that can help you with your photography. I will to link to the IOS or Android apps.

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Primes and Zoom Lenses what are they?


A prime lens has a fixed focal length. The common ones are 24mm35mm50mm85mm. There are also some longer ones like 300mm and higher. Primes are usually sharper than a zoom due to less moving parts. Another advantage to a prime is the aperture. Where "professional" glass is normally a f/2.8, a prime can go wide open to f/1.8 or even lower f/1.4.

I personally own the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 which was my first full frame lens, I love it and it has a home in my camera bag at all times. I also just bought a Sony A7R and the only lens I have for it at the moment is a 50mm f/1.8 and it's pretty awesome too.

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RAW vs. JPEG what are they??

This is not an article about the RAW vs. Jpeg debate. Instead, it is for a beginner photographer or someone that is not sure exactly what these file formats are.

What are they?

Raw and JPEG are file formats that cameras take. For example, if you have a cheap point and shoot camera more than likely you are shooting with the jpeg format. If you are shooting with a DSLR or a higher end point and shoot you may have the option to switch the file format to RAW. Both file formats have ups and downs and I will try to point out as many of them as possible.

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Maine Day 6 – B-52 Crash Site

Elephant Mountain, Maine

Today was a bad day. It rained off and on making some places we wanted to go to nearly impossible.

Originally we went out looking for Moose. We have done this many times before and have yet to see one in the wild. We did make it to a park and got close to some deer but still no Moose.

So with no luck again we move on to another spot to see something different.

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Maine Day 5 – Edgar M. Tennis Preserve

Today we did not do too much in the way of adventures. We did, however, go to Deer Isle Maine to the Edgar M. Tennis Preserve for a nice hike.

The weather thankfully was nice and cool with some cloud cover and no rain. We arrived at the preserve around 11:00am and started our hike promptly after arriving.

There is an old cemetery along the hike which we checked out before hitting

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Maine Day 4 – Travel Day

Travel Day

Today was a Travel Day. Not much going on. We visited a couple Maine Fish and Wildlife locations. After we got to our hotel and settled in we got dinner and went into Acadia.

We went to Cadillac Mountain and I took a few star shots before returning to the hotel for the night.


Maine Day 3 - Kittery and Beyond

Kittery Outlets, Kittery Maine

Today was a slow day. We did not do much worth talking about. We drove to Kittery to the outlet stores.

They wanted to go to the Trading Post and see what it was like. When we walked in I was blown away by how much stuff was in the building.

It was three floors packed with stuff from clothing, hunting, camping, fishing, food, and tons more. We spent a good two hours or more looking around at all the stuff.

I had a lot of fun just looking at all the crazy stuff they had. If I had the money I probably would have bought some ok the crazy items for family members.

Rifle BBQ Lighter

Heron/Egret Wood Carving

Lobster Wood Carving

Old Orchard Beach

Once we were done at the Trading post and had lunch we decided our next location was going to be Old Orchard Beach. My brother wanted to see if we could find some Piper Plovers.

When I was reading about them online I mistook what an article said and thought that they leave after a certain time of the year. This lead to my mistake of leaving my camera and telephoto lens behind in the car and just taking a 50mm lens.

The weather was bad with a constant mist blowing about. I figured if any Plovers were here they would be in hiding. Yet I was wrong again and we did finally come across two Piper Plovers running around on the beach.

No matter what I tried I could not get anywhere near them that a 50mm lens would make a decent picture.

While walking the beach after playing hide and seek with the Plovers we came across all kinds of thing strewn about. We came across a dead decaying seagull and many crab claws plus a lobster claw.

Claws at Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach

 Misty Day at Old Orchard Beach

L.L. Bean

After we finished at the beach we headed back to L.L. Beans again to pick up a small backpack for a hike we will be doing later this week on Deer Isle.

I shot more video for my YouTube channel while in there. If you want to check it out you can head over to my channel and see all the videos I have done for this trip.

L.L. Bean

What do you think?

Let me know what you think of this series so far and what you would like to see more of. Leave a comment or send me a message through the contact form. Thanks and have a good day!


Maine Day 2 – Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park, Gray, ME


Day two of out trip and we had to change our plans due to weather. We planned to go to the Maine Wildlife Park on Wednesday but now the weather is calling for rain on that day. So since the park is outside it made sense to go today while it was nice.

Today was a nice day with great temperatures and clear skies. We arrived at the park around noon and started our journey.


The first enclosures we went to held some deer including one that had white hair. It was not a true albino but was cool either way. There were maybe three or four deer in the enclosure but they were in the shade and hard to see and get photos of.

Other Small Animals

The next few enclosures housed a few different animals. The consisted of a Skunk, Woodchuck, Fisher, Raccoons (normal and white), Beaver, and a Porcupine. Some of them were not out and active while others were very playful.

The Fisher, for example, would run around his enclosure and jump up on the fence and hang there for a bit before jumping back to the ground. The White Raccoon was moving around while the other raccoon just laid there. The Woodchuck and Bever were not in their pens at this time.

White Raccoon


Next, we went to see the Moose that they have in the park. Over the last couple trips to Maine, we have tried to find a Moose in the wild with no luck. So for us just seeing some would be a cool thing.

When we got to the Moose pen we found that they had four Moose. Two Bulls and two females. Again we had the issue of the pens being in the shade and not only that the Moose were all laying against the fence in the dark.

We were able to get pretty close and could see them well but with the fencing and them laying down getting a good photo of them was impossible. Either way, we were able to finally see a live Moose and one of the females even sneezed wich was unexpected.


When we got to the enclosures for the Lynx we saw two of them. As we noticed with any zoo the animals sleep a lot and these two were no exception. They were taking a cat nap in the sunlight making it had to get a photo of them that was not washed out.



The Bobcat on the other had was awake and sitting up. The problem with him was not the sun but the fencing that was around him. Again another shot that was hard to get.


Mountian Lion

I have never seen a Mountain Lion close up before just in museums stuffed. This one was pretty big and intimidating. Not something I would want to run into while out hiking.

Now it was sleeping but every time I got close to take a picture it would open its eyes and stare me down. Very pretty animal for sure.

Mountain Lion


Out of all the animals, we saw at the Maine Wildlife Park the Cougar was the most active. He was walking his enclosure and taking a drink of water. Lucky for me I was right there when he did it.

The Cougar was very pretty and photogenic. It was basically posing for me.



There was also a Coyote there too. When we went to see it they just finished feeding it. They let it out of the feeding enclosure and it ran into the bushes and out of sight. I checked back a few times and it never did come out of hiding.

Black Bears

The Black Bear enclosure was void of other people when we walked up. We noticed they had two Black Bears that looked a little different but were very active.

One of the bears was sitting staring up at us from his pen. Then we realized that there were two feeding machines that for a quarter you could feed the bears some pellets. We fed them a few times and I got some nice shots through the glass of them.

Black Bear

Bird Exhibit

The next stop was the bird exhibits. Now this was disappointing since many of the birds were not in their enclosures for one reason or another. Another disappointing thing was the sun shining into the chicken wire made it difficult to get any pictures and the birds moved to the back out of the sun.

There was a Bald and Golden Eagle also there but they had glass in front of their enclosure that reflected everything in the area.


Turtle Pond

Next stop was the turtle pond. I was surprised at how many turtles they had in the pond. Also, they must see many people due to when we walked up they did not jump into the water like the ones I have seen in the wild.

One thing I did notice were the leeches on the turtle shells. I have never seen that before and have no idea why they are on the shells and not the turtle themselves.


Another animal in the pond was a couple of frogs and a bunch of tadpoles. They also were not afraid of us and allowed us to get close for some nice images.


Dry Mills Fish Hatchery

Dry Mills Fish Hatchery was pretty neat to check out. You can see the fish in the building swimming down towards the exit. At the end, there is a big holding area that the fish are in till they are collected and moved to stock some lakes nearby.

In the holding area, they said were around 6000 fish.


Maine Warden Service Museum

The last place we checked out was the Maine Warden Service Museum. It is not a big building but has some neat old gear and information from years past and present.

Warden Service Museum