Photography Phone Apps


Whether you are looking to replace your normal camera app, or maybe an app to edit your images before uploading them to Instagram. This weeks post will be about different photography phone apps that can help you with your photography. I will to link to the IOS or Android apps.

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RAW vs. JPEG what are they??

This is not an article about the RAW vs. Jpeg debate. Instead, it is for a beginner photographer or someone that is not sure exactly what these file formats are.

What are they?

Raw and JPEG are file formats that cameras take. For example, if you have a cheap point and shoot camera more than likely you are shooting with the jpeg format. If you are shooting with a DSLR or a higher end point and shoot you may have the option to switch the file format to RAW. Both file formats have ups and downs and I will try to point out as many of them as possible.

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