The Judgment Altar and Witches Well (1 of 2)

(I have made a post about the Altar and Well over at my new adventures blog It has more info and story in it then these older posts. You can go check out the article at or go to the main page of the new blog.)

So I went out to find the Judgment Altar and Witches Well in Mount Holly NJ. I had been to the alter before with a friend but never the well. I had downloaded the Weird NJ app on my phone and saw it listed and it re-sparked my interest in finding the place again. I followed the directions from the app which led to the Mount Holly Cemetery. As it turns out the directions were wrong and you can't (at least anymore) get to the alter from the cemetery.

I called my brother and he was able to pull up a map and get me to a side road that had an entrance to "The Mount" of mount Holly. I also shot some video that I have to check and piece together. If its any good (Probably going to be Blair Witch style) I'll post that on a later date.

Tomorrow I'll post the Witches Well pictures.

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The entrance to the trails

The Judgment Altar

The words Holy Holy Holy on the altar. Last time I was here kids painted on the altar but it looks like some one cleaned it up.

There are benches all around the altar now but they were all knocked on their backs except for two.

More knocked back

Some flowers I found behind the altar

The ground in front of the altar

Some kind of ceramic plate maybe that was broken and put on top of the altar.