TinType Project

Today I downloaded the app TinType by Hipstamatic to play around with. It actually makes some neat photos. I have had a couple tintypes made of myself in years past with my Civil War re-enactment unit so I have seen how they are done and what they look like. I have decided to start a little project to challenge myself to take some cool photos with this app. I'll probably post them here and on my Instagram page. Here are a few samples of what it can do. One is just plain B&W, the next has a yellowing effect, and the last is in color.


Yellowing Effect


Trying something new.

My time-lapse set up

My time-lapse set up

So I am out today doing something new. I'm working on a beginner tutorial on time-lapse photography. I hope to have it out in the next day or two then on to another one. Any suggestions on what you want to see next? Leave your ideas below.


The Judgment Altar and Witches Well (2 of 2)

(I have made a post about the Altar and Well over at my new adventures blog http://bigalsadventrues.com. It has more info and story in it then these older posts. You can go check out the article at http://www.bigalsadventures.com/r/judgmentaltarwitcheswell or go to the main page of the new blog.)

So after spending some time at the Judgment Altar I went off looking for the Witches Well. One person online said it was only a few hundred feet from the alter.........ummmm no. I went up the hill behind the alter and on the other trails and yet no Well. So I was about to give up and on the way out I spotted another entrance to the trails with a trail leading up the side of The Mount.

Before we move on to the pictures let me tell you the two tales I have heard about the Well.

The first one is that there was a witch (some stories say many witches) in Mount Holly that was tried and thrown into the well. She did not die and started screaming, clawing and punching the wall of the well. After a few days the noises stopped and they figured she finally died. Not to long after that they started hearing it again but it was more of a ghostly sound so they built the structure around the well to keep the sounds locked away.

The other story is that the towns people of Mount Holly caught the Jersey Devil put him in chains and threw him down the well and build the structure around the well to keep him in it.

So back to the story!

I followed it and saw a blue water tower that was fenced in and came across this....

I know from watching some youtube videos that there are cameras watching the Well.

Also came across this sign that says White Oak. Must have been for people hiking the area that wanted to know what type of trees they are.

I followed the fence around and FINALLY saw this popping out from the trees. There are two houses really close by to the Well so I didn't know if I was on their property or not so I took a couple quick shots and moved on.

Its hard to see but there is a small fence leading to the one house below so I couldn't get to much closer so I got one shot of the whole building before leaving. Might go back in the fall so I can try this shot again without the trees covering up so much of it.

The Judgment Altar and Witches Well (1 of 2)

(I have made a post about the Altar and Well over at my new adventures blog http://bigalsadventrues.com. It has more info and story in it then these older posts. You can go check out the article at http://www.bigalsadventures.com/r/judgmentaltarwitcheswell or go to the main page of the new blog.)

So I went out to find the Judgment Altar and Witches Well in Mount Holly NJ. I had been to the alter before with a friend but never the well. I had downloaded the Weird NJ app on my phone and saw it listed and it re-sparked my interest in finding the place again. I followed the directions from the app which led to the Mount Holly Cemetery. As it turns out the directions were wrong and you can't (at least anymore) get to the alter from the cemetery.

I called my brother and he was able to pull up a map and get me to a side road that had an entrance to "The Mount" of mount Holly. I also shot some video that I have to check and piece together. If its any good (Probably going to be Blair Witch style) I'll post that on a later date.

Tomorrow I'll post the Witches Well pictures.

If you want me do more exploring of old legends and towns, leave a comment and/or like the post.

The entrance to the trails

The Judgment Altar

The words Holy Holy Holy on the altar. Last time I was here kids painted on the altar but it looks like some one cleaned it up.

There are benches all around the altar now but they were all knocked on their backs except for two.

More knocked back

Some flowers I found behind the altar

The ground in front of the altar

Some kind of ceramic plate maybe that was broken and put on top of the altar.

Film Camera Project

So I have my dads old Canon AE-1, 35mm film camera. He is not using it anymore due to he has a digital SLR. So I went out and tracked down a battery (found it at radio shack) and some Kodak 400 color film (found at CVS). The only problem with the film is it expires January 1, 2015 so I have to take 72 photos (3 rolls x25) before the end of the year. I'm sure I can do that lol. The other problem with film is getting it processed. So I found a place that is pretty close to me that seems to still do it Allens Camera in Levittown, PA from listening to Raw Talk on froknowsphoto.com.

So for only $30 I was able to get this camera working. Now to see what I can do with it. Once I take all the shots I'll get them developed and post them here.

Photo Contest

Hey guys I entered a photo contest on The Weather Channel (weather.com). The voting has stated today so if you have a free moment would you please go vote for one of my pictures. You can vote once every 24 hours. Here are the pictures I entered. Just click on them and it will take you to the voting page.


A day in the life of Big Al

Ok so today was sort of a boring day but non the less here is the project.

5:30am Time to make the doughnuts....................errr I mean get up and ready for work.

My ride. Looks like it got a bath last night from the rain. At least its clean I guess.

6:00am Arrived at work on time. Of course taking this pic while heading in it was 6:01am when I clocked in doh!

My desk in the Team Lead office. Had to drop off my stuff and get my gear to do some work.

I'm sitting at a computer trying to print my labels and find out what my workload is like for the day. Workload was 2176 items to make clearance or change labels. That was a little over 17 hour workload. Should have been two of us but hours were tight so it was just me today.

Time to head to the floor and get to work. Here are the "tools of the trade" for my job. A printer, labels, and a PDA,

While working in the mens department I saw this Grumpy Cat short. I do agree with him.

Also in the mens department we have a headless running man!

The food department is going through a big remodel. Thats a lot of fiber bars!

Big empty aisle. I wonder whats moving into it.

Here is what I do (sort of). Find the clearance item. Mark the clearance item. Its hard work I swear!

Oh look who is in shopping today, Jason (aka Sauce)! He left a few comments on face book about my project and just so happens he came in to shop. I think he really just wanted to be in the project. Dude all you had to do was ask. :)

Lunch time consisted of pizza and soda. Lunch of champions!

Lunch is over time to get back to work.

Work day is over. Time to dawn my hat and head home.

So my dad came home and his computer was not connecting to the WIFI and he was waiting for "Help Desk" to call him back to fix it. Well needless to say I fixed it and they never called. Go figure.

Working on my website http://www.bigalsphotography.com and this post.Yes I have my computer hooked up to my TV. 42in monitor it awesome!

Dinner time! Some leftover Jack Daniels chicken and nacho from Fridays.

Popcorn for dessert while watching TV with my mom.

Watching the show Tanked on Animal Planet. One of my favorite shows. I love fish.

Time for bed. I hope you like the glimpse into a day in my life. Ok, so it was pretty boring day but I have to save some good stuff for another time right?

Well there you have it my first photo project for the site. If you have any ideas for another one feel free to pass it on.