Sunsets at work

So while at my job I see some really beautiful sunsets. The only downside is that I can not have my good cameras here to take pictures. 

So I have decided why not use my IPhone 7 Plus and get some shots. Why not? It would be ashame  not to take any pictures at all.

Here are a couple of shots from tonight. I edited these with Lightroom Mobile. 



A day in the life of Big Al

Ok so today was sort of a boring day but non the less here is the project.

5:30am Time to make the doughnuts....................errr I mean get up and ready for work.

My ride. Looks like it got a bath last night from the rain. At least its clean I guess.

6:00am Arrived at work on time. Of course taking this pic while heading in it was 6:01am when I clocked in doh!

My desk in the Team Lead office. Had to drop off my stuff and get my gear to do some work.

I'm sitting at a computer trying to print my labels and find out what my workload is like for the day. Workload was 2176 items to make clearance or change labels. That was a little over 17 hour workload. Should have been two of us but hours were tight so it was just me today.

Time to head to the floor and get to work. Here are the "tools of the trade" for my job. A printer, labels, and a PDA,

While working in the mens department I saw this Grumpy Cat short. I do agree with him.

Also in the mens department we have a headless running man!

The food department is going through a big remodel. Thats a lot of fiber bars!

Big empty aisle. I wonder whats moving into it.

Here is what I do (sort of). Find the clearance item. Mark the clearance item. Its hard work I swear!

Oh look who is in shopping today, Jason (aka Sauce)! He left a few comments on face book about my project and just so happens he came in to shop. I think he really just wanted to be in the project. Dude all you had to do was ask. :)

Lunch time consisted of pizza and soda. Lunch of champions!

Lunch is over time to get back to work.

Work day is over. Time to dawn my hat and head home.

So my dad came home and his computer was not connecting to the WIFI and he was waiting for "Help Desk" to call him back to fix it. Well needless to say I fixed it and they never called. Go figure.

Working on my website and this post.Yes I have my computer hooked up to my TV. 42in monitor it awesome!

Dinner time! Some leftover Jack Daniels chicken and nacho from Fridays.

Popcorn for dessert while watching TV with my mom.

Watching the show Tanked on Animal Planet. One of my favorite shows. I love fish.

Time for bed. I hope you like the glimpse into a day in my life. Ok, so it was pretty boring day but I have to save some good stuff for another time right?

Well there you have it my first photo project for the site. If you have any ideas for another one feel free to pass it on.