Blue Moon Photo

Ok so lastnight I took some pictures of the "blue moon". Nothing blue about it, but it was a full moon anyway. I used both my D800 and D5200 along with my 300mm f/4. I think the D5200 beat out the D800. Might be due to the crop factor, so it gave me a bit more reach. Either way I had to crop the photos to get them to look like this. So here they are.

Nikon D5200

Nikon D800

Night Time-Lapse of Winter Storm Thor

After my first TL of Winter Storm Thor during the day I decided to get a night TL a try.
It wasn't a very long one since I changed the shot time from 10sec to 30sec and I tried some video before that so the batteries were already getting low.
I had to lighten it up a little bit, but it didn't come out to bad.

Shot with GoPro Hero3 White Edition: Amazon
Battery Pack: Amazon

Snow Time Lapse of Winter Storm Thor

The biggest winter storm to hit the East Coats this year named Thor. Since it was my day off what better way to spend it by putting my GoPro out in the storm and seeing what it can do.
The only downside to it being out there is that it got snow on the housing and during the TL you see it as drops that do roll off.
Still it was a fun experiment and also while it was shooting gave me time to look up more about iMovie.
This whole video and intro/ending was made in iMovie. I was my first attempt at using a Mac video editor. All the other videos before this one were done on a windows editor.

So sit back and enjoy.

If you are interested in the GoPro like I used, check out this link to get one yourself. Its worth it IMO.

GoPro Hero3 White Edition: Amazon
GoPro Hero3 battery Pack: Amazon

Testing out the Tamron 70-300mm

Turkey Vulture Soaring (Click here to buy)

The Lost Scarf (Click here to buy)

I am still field testing my new Tamron 70-300mm lens and also working on a video for it but till I get all that figured out here is a couple shots I took Yesterday. The one with the Turkey Vulture is cropped but still looks good.