Maine Day 3 - Kittery and Beyond

Kittery Outlets, Kittery Maine

Today was a slow day. We did not do much worth talking about. We drove to Kittery to the outlet stores.

They wanted to go to the Trading Post and see what it was like. When we walked in I was blown away by how much stuff was in the building.

It was three floors packed with stuff from clothing, hunting, camping, fishing, food, and tons more. We spent a good two hours or more looking around at all the stuff.

I had a lot of fun just looking at all the crazy stuff they had. If I had the money I probably would have bought some ok the crazy items for family members.

Rifle BBQ Lighter

Heron/Egret Wood Carving

Lobster Wood Carving

Old Orchard Beach

Once we were done at the Trading post and had lunch we decided our next location was going to be Old Orchard Beach. My brother wanted to see if we could find some Piper Plovers.

When I was reading about them online I mistook what an article said and thought that they leave after a certain time of the year. This lead to my mistake of leaving my camera and telephoto lens behind in the car and just taking a 50mm lens.

The weather was bad with a constant mist blowing about. I figured if any Plovers were here they would be in hiding. Yet I was wrong again and we did finally come across two Piper Plovers running around on the beach.

No matter what I tried I could not get anywhere near them that a 50mm lens would make a decent picture.

While walking the beach after playing hide and seek with the Plovers we came across all kinds of thing strewn about. We came across a dead decaying seagull and many crab claws plus a lobster claw.

Claws at Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach

 Misty Day at Old Orchard Beach

L.L. Bean

After we finished at the beach we headed back to L.L. Beans again to pick up a small backpack for a hike we will be doing later this week on Deer Isle.

I shot more video for my YouTube channel while in there. If you want to check it out you can head over to my channel and see all the videos I have done for this trip.

L.L. Bean

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Sony A5000 Time-Lapse Test on Fish Tank Cleaning

Testing out the time-lapse app on the Sony A5000 camera. I had to clean and change one of my fish tanks so I decided to see how the Sony A5000's time-lapse app would handle it. It came out pretty good I think. Now for a real trial outside and seeing how it handles the sunlight. I will be making a full review on the Sony A5000 in the future.

Long Exposures at Acadia National Park.


My first long exposure that came out pretty nice

So far this is my best and favorite.

While on vacation I was able to find a camera shop called Photo Market where I was able to buy some ND filters to try long exposures. It took awhile but I got a few shots that came out pretty good. Still need to practice, but these were not bad for my first time.