GoPro Hero3 White Version Cloud Timelapse Test

I just bought a GoPro Hero3 White Edition to use for Time-lapse photography. This is a test to see how it works and what the quality is like. So far its not to bad. I still have more tests to try on it though.
There is some sun flare on the right side in the video. I couldn't tell with the app due to the sun so that is something to watch out for. I also bought the Tripod mount kit so I can set it up and leave it running when I have other things to do.

I'll do a review on the GoPro later on.

Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge (Video)

This is a video I put together of my favorite pictures I took while visiting Edwin B Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge this summer. Going to try to visit there again this winter to see what wildlife passes through in the winter months.