Maine Day 4 – Travel Day

Travel Day

Today was a Travel Day. Not much going on. We visited a couple Maine Fish and Wildlife locations. After we got to our hotel and settled in we got dinner and went into Acadia.

We went to Cadillac Mountain and I took a few star shots before returning to the hotel for the night.


Cadillac Mountain Sunset HDR Photos

So today I was in Acadia National Park on Cadillac Mountain just as a sunset was ending. While not being in the best spot to watch it due to crowds I found an empty spot. Though the sunset was "over" I decided to try and get a few HDR shots to see if I could still pull something nice out. Let me know what you guys think of what I salvaged of the sunset.

Photo Re-edit

So I have been playing around with some of my old photos that I have already processed. After learning new "tricks" I have made a few much much nicer then originally done. Here is one of them.

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The image BEFORE the re-edit.

The image AFTER the re-edit. (Buy Print)

Long Exposures at Acadia National Park.


My first long exposure that came out pretty nice

So far this is my best and favorite.

While on vacation I was able to find a camera shop called Photo Market where I was able to buy some ND filters to try long exposures. It took awhile but I got a few shots that came out pretty good. Still need to practice, but these were not bad for my first time.