LightRoom Edit - Rainbow!

While out to dinner we had a fast moving thunderstorm go through my area. When we were leaving we noticed a awesome rainbow. I didn't have a camera on me, but when I got home I grabbed it and got a couple shots before it faded away. This is how I edited the photos.

River Trash Photo Edit

Just editing some photos tonight and decided to make a quick video of me doing so. This image I am editing was taken at the Nature Center near my house. One of the trails is next to the river and the banks are full of trash. This piece of trash caught my eye.

Photo Re-edit

So I have been playing around with some of my old photos that I have already processed. After learning new "tricks" I have made a few much much nicer then originally done. Here is one of them.

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The image BEFORE the re-edit.

The image AFTER the re-edit. (Buy Print)