Rancocas Nature Center (3 of 3)

Ok, so if you have a hate for spiders and spider webs turn back now. Its not really all that bad but if you have a real fear of the eight legged creatures it might be to much. These shots were from the trail that the "Zombie Nature Trail" sign was on.

Not sure what this is (not a spider for sure) I thinks its some kind of dragonfly. I had to crop the pic to get closer. If you know please leave a comment.

Out of ALL those webs (some I didn't add here) this was the only spider I saw.

Rancocas Nature Center (1 of 3)

So today I went to the Rancocas Nature Center instead of the Delaware Water Gap due to getting up late, and the chance of rain (which we got some but not a lot of). I have been here many times and sometimes I see tons of wildlife and other times none at all. Today was a so so day. I saw a turtle, six deer, a few birds, a cool sign, tons of big spider webs, and some chairs (will be in tomorrows story).

Shelter in the Woods


Cool Fungus Close Up

Cool Fungus

Franklin Parker Preserve (1-2)

So I went to visit Franklin Parker Preserve yesterday with hopes of seeing a Bald Eagle. Well I didn't see any Eagles or much wildlife in fact. Now I didn't go to the North end of the preserve, just the South near the Bald Eagle Reservoir, so maybe the other end has more to see. I'll have to check it out another time. Here are a few pics of the area.


Nice day out

Back Road. From what time period lol